Maternity Case Management

The Maternity Case Management (MCM) Program is an education and support program for women with social or health concerns during pregnancy and after the birth of their child.

The MCM Program helps women have healthier pregnancies and raise healthy children by providing expert advice and support from nurse home visitors. Any pregnant woman with health or social concerns may request MCM services. Nurses visit pregnant women and new mothers in their home by request. The program is free and confidential. Nurses teach parents about:

  • Taking care of yourself through pregnancy
  • Normal fetal (unborn child) growth and development
  • Nutrition before and after childbirth
  • Caring for a newborn
  • Breast feeding and formula feeding
  • Preparing for labor and delivery
  • Planning future pregnancies

The MCM Program also connects women and their families to other health and parenting resources in Public Health and in the community, such as prenatal care and other medical and mental health services. MCM Nurses will also involve and support partners and extended family of the pregnant or parenting mother.


Maternity Case Management (MCM) is a preventive health program. Through helping mothers and families through pregnancy and infant care, the MCM program prevents many common health problems such as:

  • Low birth weight
  • Poor nutrition
  • Developmental delays

Investing in healthy pregnancies and infants prevents more costly or complicated health and social issues in the future. These services directly benefit the infant and family, and also save tax dollars.

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