Oregon Senior Peer Outreach

Older Adult Telephone Support

October 2023 – At this time we are now providing support for Seniors in Clatsop, Columbia, Wasco and Washington County only. We hope to grow the program to serve all Oregon Seniors in the future.

Oregon Senior Peer Outreach offers friendly weekly calls to older adults who may be experiencing loneliness, isolation, sadness, grief or loss. This year has been exceptionally challenging for seniors, and our trained senior peers are ready to share their hope and connection!

Please let us know you would like our service by calling 1-833-736-4676 or by making a referral online using our Senior Outreach Online Referral Form:

If an older adult lives in Clatsop, Columbia, Wasco or Washington County, we can offer long-term peer partnerships! These weekly calls have proven results of reducing loneliness and encouraging involvement in social, physical and pleasurable activities.

The Oregon Senior Peer Outreach Telephone Service is currently accepting referrals in Clatsop, Columbia, Wasco and Washington Counties only! This peer support program has been designed to increase the well-being of Oregon Seniors (55+) who live in the rural and frontier counties. A team of experienced Senior Peer Support staff place weekly calls to connect with isolated Seniors to reduce the health impacts of loneliness and social isolation.

Program leadership is provided by CCS Staff members:

  • Sharon Bliss, Oregon Warmline/Senior Peer Outreach Program Manager

  • Ruth Vonk, Oregon Senior Peer Outreach Program Supervisor

Our team of experienced Senior Peer Supporters place weekly telephone calls to elders (55+) in Oregon who want a caring, compassionate friend to talk with. We understand some of the unique challenges of growing older and spending too much time alone. Let us provide a caring, personal connection!

Our goal is to connect with our participants, to listen, and to discover together how we can make sense of our experiences and to find and share hope. We understand that everyone has a unique worldview. Our Senior Peer Supporters are people who have experienced life challenges – including big feelings, voices, visions, trauma, and addictions. Now that we are moving into our golden years, we feel that there is no need to go it alone!

Referrals for persons who may benefit from the new service can be made by filling out the Referral Request form located below, or by calling us at:

1-833-736-4676 (1-833-SeniorOutreach)

Seniors who are 55+ and who:

  • Live in Oregon
  • who may feel isolated and lonely
  • and are interested in receiving weekly phone calls from another senior to build a mutually supportive relationship

Qualifying Seniors and/or persons with physical disabilities will be served. Once our service capacity is reached, a waiting list will be developed.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sharon Bliss
Sharon BlissWarmline/Senior Peer Support Program Manager
What do you love about your work; what unique qualities to you bring to this work? I get to bring my whole Self to this job. We are creating new structures that honor others and our own capacity to learn and grow together. I love that we are part of a community health agency, and supported to stretch our wings and develop wonderful peer programs that work for connection and healing! What are some past accomplishments that you are proud of? • My role in the Peer Recovery Movement, as well as my own healing process as a talented human being who has experienced trauma. • The Love More, Judge Less Campaign and Working Well Together • My work with Joanna Macy and the Work That Reconnects What are some of your personal interests that you want to share? I love Yoga, nature, the ocean, the silent strength of rowing crew, volunteering with Shut It Down and 350 PDX to sustain human life on our beautiful planet, gardening, watching my gorgeous granddaughter Caroline Grace as she grows, and cooking vegetarian delights.
Ruth Vonk
Ruth VonkOSPO Program Supervisor
Ruth is passionate about serving others. For over 40 years, she has worked in human services. Her work at CCS allows her to use her management, clinical, and program development skills. She is passionate about creating connections and committed to healthy aging. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling in her time off.