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Whoever you are and whatever you may be going through, you are welcome on the Warmline! Our caring team of trained peers offers nonjudgmental and confidential peer support every day. No appointments needed! We are here for you! Our goal is to connect with you, to listen, and to discover together how we can make sense of our experiences. We understand that everyone has a unique worldview. People can see more possibilities for ourselves when we connect with a compassionate peer. Our Warmline Team members are people who have experienced life challenges – including moods, voices, visions, trauma, and addictions. We know what it is like to feel big feelings or to find ourselves in moments when there seems to be little to hope for. No need to go through this alone… Give us a call! David Romprey Oregon Warmline 1-800-698-2392 Intentional Peer Support (IPS) provides a powerful framework for creating relationships where both people learn and grow together. IPS is used across the world in community, peer support, and human services settings, and is a tool for community development that honors each person’s strengths and innate value. Why IPS? Peers come together around shared experiences and often a desire to change lives. But without a new framework to build upon, people frequently re-enact “help” based on what was done to them. IPS offers a foundation for doing something different. We focus on building relationships that are mutual, explorative, and conscious of power. We won’t try to “fix” you, but we would love to connect with you to listen, share, and learn with you as we both move forward in our life journeys.

Our confidential and non-judgmental peer support starts with the premise that people have learned to make meaning of their experiences and relationships out of everything they have learned in their lives. We know that this has lead many people to feel undeserving, distrusting, and inherently flawed. Without understanding how we, as individuals, have come to know what we know about being in relationship and the world around us, we are likely to have trouble, not only with emotional distress, but also with a continuous struggle when there is tension in relationship or in one’s community.

We believe that crisis is an opportunity to learn. In a mutual and respectful conversation, peers discover together how they have developed their beliefs about themselves and the world in which they live. Together, help and crisis are redefined and have new meaning. Each person has the opportunity to challenge themselves to learn how they might change their trauma story of victimhood and crisis to one of mental wellness.

Any Oregonian needing support may call our David Romprey Oregon Warmline to speak to a trained peer. We do not give advice or attempt to ‘get’ any one to do anything. We are there to listen and validated the caller’s feelings and experiences. Together we have a conversation in which we both become more self aware while learning and growing together. We share experience and knowledge in order to discover ways in which we both learn new ways of managing our feelings and discover healthier ways of being in relationship with others. Once where an individual had to “cope” with an issue, they may learn to challenge their beliefs regarding that issue, have a different experience of the situation and no longer have to “cope” because the issue no longer exists. The use of this David Romprey Oregon Warmline may help people decrease the need for frequent doctor’s visits, emergency room treatment, involvement with law enforcement, and the need for more intensive care such a psychiatric hospitalizations.

Always available and only a phone call away!

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Oregon Warmline Toll-Free 1-800-698-2392

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Sharon Bliss
Sharon BlissWarmline/Senior Peer Support Program Manager
What do you love about your work; what unique qualities to you bring to this work? I get to bring my whole Self to this job. We are creating new structures that honor others and our own capacity to learn and grow together. I love that we are part of a community health agency, and supported to stretch our wings and develop wonderful peer programs that work for connection and healing! What are some past accomplishments that you are proud of? • My role in the Peer Recovery Movement, as well as my own healing process as a talented human being who has experienced trauma. • The Love More, Judge Less Campaign and Working Well Together • My work with Joanna Macy and the Work That Reconnects What are some of your personal interests that you want to share? I love Yoga, nature, the ocean, the silent strength of rowing crew, volunteering with Shut It Down and 350 PDX to sustain human life on our beautiful planet, gardening, watching my gorgeous granddaughter Caroline Grace as she grows, and cooking vegetarian delights.
Jordan Morelli
Jordan MorelliWarmline Supervisor/IT Support
What I love most about this job is the smile you can bring to someone’s face. Seeing people happy is all I could ever want in a job. The biggest accomplishment of my life would have to be when I joined the Navy. Just being a part of something bigger than you is one of the best feelings I have felt. In my off time, you can find me at the gym or be spending time with my family & friends. The gym to me is more than a hobby though, it’s my therapy.
Gracie GarciaWarmline Supervisor
Tracey LaneWarmline Supervisor
Janine Dean
Janine DeanWarmline Supervisor
Audrey WilliamsWarmline Supervisor