The goal is to keep our youth in our community by building stronger families

Wraparound is an intensive and collaborative method of engaging with children, youth, and their families experiencing complex needs. Wraparound offers team based support so that they can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams.

The Wraparound approach will be:

  • Driven by families and youth
  • Individualized
  • Culturally and linguistically responsive
  • Grounded in the Strengths Perspective
  • Guided by Outcomes and accountability
  • Practiced with Persistence
  • Collaborative
  • Community and Team-Based
  • Connected to Natural Supports

A family member or youth/young adult must be present for a Wraparound Team Meeting to occur.

Wraparound Team Meetings are held at times and locations to ensure meaningful participation of family members, youth and natural supports.

Referral Process

Click to download Wraparound Referral Form

Any party, including families and community partners may make a referral to Wraparound. Referrals will be reviewed by a committee for eligibility. If a referral is ineligible we will connect to more appropriate services

Wraparound Team Meeting (WTM)

The goal of the WTM is to develop a family guided, youth driven, strengths based plan that will maximize the child and family’s ability to maintain the child in their home community. The Wraparound team will meet monthly and is responsible for creating, implementing, reviewing, and revising a Wraparound Plan of Care and Safety Plan.

A team may consist of:

  • Parents/Caregiver
  • Youth/Young Adult
  • Natural Supports: Church/Family Friends
  • School
  • Primary Care Professionals
  • Child Welfare
  • Law Enforcement
  • Juvenile Department
  • Oregon Youth Authority
  • Treatment Facility

The Wraparound Plan of Care includes the following elements: Family Vision, Team Mission, Strengths, Needs, Outcomes, Strategies, Interventions, Action Steps, and a Safety Plan. We’ll help you build a team that’s dedicated to supporting your family and child. This team includes:

  • A Family Partner who will help the family voice their strengths, needs, and vision
  • A Clinician who will provide therapy and therapeutic interventions to help the family meet their goals
  • Community Supports who may already be working with your child or family, but will now be a part of a team to improve the wellness of your child
  • Natural Supports who will help support the family vision and team goals. This can include friends or neighbors who want to help.

Wraparound Serves

Youth (ages 0-18) with complex needs and involved with at least two child serving systems/agencies (Behavioral Health, Medical, CARE, Child Welfare, Developmental Disabilities, Head Start, Juvenile Justice, School). Care coordination and complex needs cannot be met from involvement in other systems/agencies.

Please contact your local Wraparound Team for further information:
Community Counseling Solutions Wraparound Team
Office: (541) 276-6207