AmeriCoprs Brochure Foster Grandparents Volunteer Application

Foster Grandparent Program Description:

Foster Grandparents give 20 – 40 hours per week (minimum 5 hours – maximum of 40 hours per week, and no more than 8 hours per day) of reading assistance under the supervision of a Volunteer Station (i.e., a school district, school, Head Start Program, etc.).

The goal is to help youngsters with the greatest need to become independent readers by the end of the third grade. However, we have expanded our service to include Middle School & High School to include those children with deficient reading skills. Foster Grandparents receive training and orientation in reading skills, which will be beneficial to the reading development of a child.

We presently have working agreements with about 30 schools and/or school districts. Individual assignment plans are developed for each student served by our volunteers.

How volunteers are utilized:

Our volunteers are considered to be supplemental reading and math volunteers. They are to be assigned to students (identified by teachers) who are struggling with reading and need extra one-to-one assistance. Volunteers help students practice reading and sounding out words. They also help with comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. As mentors, they help build self-esteem, self-confidence, and serve as role models for good behavior – helping enhance positive behavior in students. Volunteers may work in small groups (2 or 3 students), or one-to-one. Our volunteers may “pull out” a student from a classroom for reading practice, or they may “push into” a classroom and serve their assigned students inside a classroom. We are most interested in having volunteers spending consistent time with the same students daily if possible. A volunteer’s schedule should reflect consistency with the same children. FGP volunteers typically give 15 to 40 hours per week. Foster Grandparent volunteers are not teacher aides. We anticipate that each volunteer will work with 10 to 15 selected students on a one-to-one basis during the school year, giving 20 to 30 minutes to each child. We also request that an Assignment Plan be completed by the teacher on each child served, signed by the teacher & volunteer, with a copy sent to this Office. We provide the forms, and have made them as simple as possible. When a student has reached benchmark or reached a reading goal, another child should be selected to work with the FGP volunteer – and another Assignment Plan should be completed. Foster Grandparents are recruited throughout Central and Eastern Oregon. The program is sponsored by Community Counseling Solutions in Heppner (FGP office is in Pendleton) and is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service. We are a proud member agency of Umatilla/Morrow County United Way, and have received support from them. The FGP Program provides low-income senior volunteers the opportunity to “give back” to their community.

Stipend / Other Benefits:

Foster Grandparent volunteers receive a stipend of $4.00 per hour to cover any expenses associated with volunteering. The stipend is non-taxable and is not considered income when computing income for other federal/state program eligibility. In addition, volunteers receive transportation assistance to and from volunteer sites, orientation, in-service training, and insurance coverage (accident, liability, & excess auto insurance) while serving as a volunteer. For example, the monthly stipend for 100 hours of service would be $400.


The Foster Grandparent Program staff provides orientation and training to each volunteer. Orientation consists of 20 hours of pre-service training, including orientation class, reading materials and on the job shadowing with experienced volunteer. Mandatory In-Service meetings for volunteers are held monthly to provide additional training and information on subjects of interest meant to increase skill levels as volunteers.


To become a Foster Grandparent volunteer, one must be at least 55 years of age and be able to pass a background check. Participation is contingent upon a criminal history review.

Income guideline as follows:

  • 1 person household — $2127 monthly
  • 2 person household — $2873 monthly
  • 3 person household — $3620 monthly
  • 4 person household — $4367 monthly

* We can consider medical, dental, and prescription drug bills, and also health insurance costs when determining eligibility.

Our address is:

Teresa O’Halloran
Project Director Foster Grandparent Program
P.O. Box 1602 Pendleton – 221 S. Main St. Ste. 4, OR 97801
Phone Numbers: Office (Pendleton) — 541-276-6074

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